5S Training: The Best Way To Do It

Best Way to do the 5S Training
Before implementation of the 5s method, it is important to train your employees first. The best way to do this is to conduct an in-house training course. In this set up, the trainers will be able to train and coach them at the same time. Employees will surely learn faster with this set up because they learn the concepts while practicing them at the same time.

What is the 5S?
5S is a method of workplace organization that was started by the Japanese. This method describes how to design a workplace for effectiveness and efficiency. This is done by identifying the items used and storing them properly, maintaining the cleanliness of the area and the functionality of the items, and sustaining the changes made. A dialogue on standardization comes with the decision-making process. This builds understanding among the employees.

It is a list of 5 Japanese words starting with the letter “S” namely: 

When translated or transliterated into English means:

5S Training

Why is 5S Training important?
The 5s training is essential before applying the 5s principles in the workplace. This prevents employees from being “shocked” with the sudden change. This training is also important before implementing the lean principles. 5S training is the common first step taken by companies because of it is easy and simple to implement.

The pioneers of the 5S method believe that the over-all cleanliness and organization of the workplace has a positive effect to the productivity of the employees. They also believe that a well-kept and organized working environment can motivate people to work harder. This method represents an organized and systematic approach for safety and quality improvement, and productivity in any type of business.

The 5S training program aims to create visual order, cleanliness, standardization and organization in the office environment. The training also aims to simplify the work place, reduce waste and non-value activities while at the same time keeping in mind the safety of the workers.

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