Change Point Management (CPM) – Helping Companies Deal With Change

It is very difficult to deal with change and companies find it as disconcerting as individuals. Most organizations prefer operations to carry on in a routine manner because this enables them to use their resources efficiently. Change Point Management (CPM) is a very interesting concept that helps companies deal with deviations from routine business operations. It involves the prior preparation of responses to various situations that might occur so that the organization does not have to improvise a response that might not be the best one for it.

A business can experience different types of change; each variation will have a different effect on the company. Change can vary from non-availability of a particular ingredient or the absence of an employee. Irrespective of what the change is or how serious it is, a well-managed company will always have a planned response in place to deal with it in the best possible manner. It is the responsibility of individual teams to prepare different responses to any changed events. The system will only be reliable if the various responses are printed out and posted in a place where all concerned employees can see it. Therefore, if an unscheduled event does occur, the employees can refer to the plan and take steps as per what has been decided beforehand.

Change Point Management will only be successful if the company follows a very systematic method of documentation. Each step of various processes has to be listed out so that deviations can be identified as soon as they happen. As a matter of fact, companies should use manual methods rather than digital methods to collect data on existing systems. People who are working on various systems are in the best position to keep track of changes as and when they happen. This management system calls for a high level of communication within the organization.

Change Point Management is a very important aspect of the Toyota style of managementChange Point Management which has been emulated all over the world because of how effective it is. In fact, it works very well with other aspects of Toyota’s management style that call for a high degree of involvement from all employees in various processes including decision making. Companies are encouraged to deal with change in a positive manner but they should also reduce the impact of sudden change that will not necessarily get repeated because they are a onetime occurrence.

Bottom Line: Find out how Change Point Management helps companies deal with change effectively. Companies can handle change easily if they already have a plan in place before it occurs.

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