Different tools of lean manufacturing

Solid and compact tools are available in lean manufacturing to increase the efficiency of a company and they include Just In Time, Kanban, Zero Defects, SMED and 5S Philosophy.

Just in Time
In lean manufacturing, it can be described as the most important idea and PULL model is Lean Manufacturingbasis of this system.
Minimizing the stock and resources is the key and the customer demand will be taken into consideration at the time of purchasing materials. Production and distribution will be kept at an optimal level and it will make sure of the smooth functioning of the production unit as well.

Involving people in the process of lean manufacturing will become a reality with Kanban and this method can be utilized to provide great support to Just In Time model by developing cues to signal different needs. Kanban will ensure the right amount of production at the right time.

Zero Defects
This system will make sure the availability of top quality products during the first time itself and fixing poor quality products will not find a place in this concept. Zero Defects system will send the strong message any defect will not be acceptable and the employees will be motivated to perform tasks with great efficiency.

Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED)
The much required flexibility in a manufacturing unit will become a reality with SMED and the employees will be better equipped to make fast and efficient changeovers. The demands of the customers will vary according to different situations and a company will be competent enough to make the required changes to meet the customer demands. The unwanted delay in changing to a different model can be averted with this process.

The 5S philosophy
Lean manufacturing always depend on the standardization and the 5S philosophy is the best tool available to ensure standardization. Various factors related with the manufacturing process should be arranged and maintained properly to avert the possibility of having any defects and 5S system will take care of all these aspects in the best possible manner.

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