Methodology of a Lean Office

“Lean in business is the term which explains a methodology of eradicating waste in an attempt to save funds or allocate funds differently. Lean production enables companies to finish production in an appropriate time while providing quality products to consumers.

In an office setting, the consumer can be a citizen getting a service, a customer buying a product or a different department in the same business. The main objective of lean is better customer service.

A lean office works on the theory that waste is unessential. This principle teaches business operators to distinguish valuable things from the wasteful ones.

Lean Office

Applying this lean system to your own office operations will solve many issues and generate competent employees that have real competitive advantage.

Lean offices utilize less to achieve more and keeping resources to the minimum. For example, a lean office can have a single fax machine for each department instead of every employee having a fax machine. Moreover along the line of the lean methodology is the change to e-faxing to remove fax machines.

Before you apply any lean tool to an office setting, it is significant to know the work flow. You must map the administrative procedures to understand them better and eradicate waste the same way managers map value stream and concentrate on shortening lead time in manufacturing. It is at this point that the tools are applied.

What Is Lean Office

Processes such as order processing, purchasing, product development and planning are filled with wasteful steps which cause delays. Given that one key principle in the lean thinking is minimizing the time taken to fulfill customer order, you have to check the whole lead time. The lead time comprises several non-manufacturing procedures. For the organization service, it does not involve any manufacturing processes. So as to check waste in these plans, you have to map them. You need to know the connection between different steps in the process.

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