The real significance of TPM

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) can be described as one of the most important concepts in lean manufacturing. According to this concept, maintenance should not be limited as a process, operating in the background that will appear only when needed. The main goal of TPM is to create or instill a sense of collective responsibility between operators, maintenance workers and supervisors and this concept gives great importance to the fact that running machines in a smooth manner alone will not serve the purpose. TPM aims at optimizing overall performance to produce outstanding results.

The productivity of the equipment and the plant will undergo great amount of TPMtransformation by implementing TPM and the output will be maximized by minimizing the input. The equipment will be maintained and improved to reduce cost and keeping them at optimum levels will result in the increased productivity. TPM will deal with the ‘six big losses’ to provide the much required cost effectiveness in a business organization. The ‘six big losses’ are Reduced yield, Process defects, Reduced speed, Idling and minor stoppages, Set-up and adjustment and Equipment failure. Operations and maintenance departments will have to take a collective responsibility of tackling these problems.

Effective leadership assumes great importance in the implementation of TPM and the entire procedure can be implemented with the help of a 12 step process. Proper support from the top management will make TPM truly effective and the net result will be zero breakdowns, zero accidents and zero defects. This concept was developed by the Japan Institute of plant Maintenance (JIPM), Tokyo and various leading companies all over the world have implemented TPM with great amount of success. Highly effective production methods have become absolutely essential in this extremely competitive business world and TPM contributes tremendously towards improving the overall efficiency of a business organization. The experts are of the opinion that the significance of TPM is going to get increased considerably in the future as well.

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