What Are The Lean Office Principles

Because of the similarities in the process of production, the lean principles made its way from the manufacturing sector to the corporate world.

Here are the some of the lean principles applied in the office setting:

It all begins with leadership
Leaders serve as the foundation of all the efforts when a lean office is built. They develop the strategies to achieve the organization’s goals and create a vision for the company.
Leaders should recognize the value of employee satisfaction and create a team that is empowered and motivated. They are needed to successfully establish a lean office.

Goals and Metrics are required
Metrics are needed to assess the impact of the change in the office. Goals, on the other Lean Officehand, keep the team focused on a target. This will help them work harmoniously with each other.

A Standardized process is to be followed by everyone
A standardized process makes it easier to make improvements. The team should follow a clear process rather than their own preferences.

Use the 5s
Getting rid of clutter is important to reduce any waste or delay. Keeping things organized will ensure a smooth work flow. Things and people should be placed where they will be effective and efficient.

Minimize WIP
The major objective of lean is removing or minimizing work-in-progress to speed up the lead time, eliminate waste and create a consistent customer experience.

Demand should be well understood
The biggest challenge in establishing a lean office is understanding the different demands. Load leveling is used to smoothen the demand the team might experience.

Use a daily management system
This is perhaps the core of a successful lean office. The demand should be managed once it is figured out. Daily management takes into account the demand and provides the proper staffing for it. A proactive problem solving process is done if ever the team falls behind the plan.

Continuous improvement is the key
Continuous improvement is needed on a lean office. It takes years to develop an environment where there is minimal or no waste at all. Improvements should be made on a daily basis.

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