What is Lean Warehousing All About?

A place to store goods is what people’s general perception about warehouses is. If you are someone from the warehousing industry though, you will know that wish things were that simple. The processes involved in the warehouse storage industry are much more complex. For one maintaining an inventory of the various goods that are placed in a warehouse, could be a mind-boggling task. Then to keep track of the logistics is another headache. All this could be simplified, thanks to the advent of lean warehousing concept.

Winds of change have been blowing across the warehousing sector in recent times. A warehousing manager can now keep tab on literally each and every thing that is happening in the warehouse, thanks to lean warehousing concepts. The very concept of lean holds that you need to eliminate processes that encourage wastage. In management terms “just in time stocking” is the name of the game today among warehousing managers. They are able to eliminate wastage using this method.

While using lean methods may help a warehousing manager to help reduce storage area, Lean Warehousingthere are some other points involved. For one, the entire workforce needs to understand the concepts well. There should be total coordinated efforts. If not for teamwork, the entire concept may just go down the drain. It therefore pays to invest in a good lean training program for the team members. You can always enroll the team members in an online lean warehousing training program. Alternatively if you are hiring the services of a lean consulting firm, then you can always ask them to train your people.

Unlike the case till now, the lean method requires the elimination of unnecessary processes. A lean consultant will do a thorough study of your warehousing methods and come out with suggestions. They will for instance offer you suggestions on what is to be done next when a product comes into your warehouse. The method using which it has to be sorted for example is important. Similarly the consultant will also tell you about which are the racks that are to be used for different products and so on and so forth. Once all these things are systemized, then there is no need to waste time looking for a particular product when the need arises. This results in reduction of wastage to a great extent.

Lean warehousing is closely connected to how you organize your logistics. The concept will ensure that you are able to move goods faster without unnecessary wastage of time. The products need to be organized in such a manner that they are easy to find and ship. Everything, right from the placing of different crates in the warehouse to where you position your shipping department, will be taken care off once you implement lean methodologies.

Warehousing is considered among the fastest growing fields in the world. With increasing globalization there has been a massive increase in warehousing facilities. Aiding their smooth functioning have been lean methods in various parts of the world.

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