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The most comprehensive resource for kaizen, lean Manufacturing and lean Management on the internet, developed by the leading kaizen consulting and lean training firm, “Get Kaizened, Inc.”.

Do you want to know the opinions of process improvement experts, kaizen gurus and lean consultants? You have come to the right place. Lean and kaizen knowledge base is a place for you to get a comprehensive view of
topics that matter for an organization in eliminating waste and continuous improvement. Gemba walk, hoshin planning, 5S, heijunka, jidoka, A3 reports and industry specific lean applications such as lean hospital are just some of the categories covered. And best of all, you can access articles separated by easy to find categories. Lean training and lean consulting is much easier by using the resources on “Get Kaizened, Inc.” knowledge base.

To develop kaizen and lean knowledge base, we benefited from the writing of many experts in lean and kaizen industry, and they are obviously entitled to their opinions. We respect diversity and therefore we added the articles to our resources even if they were controversial. You may find articles that reflect your thoughts or articles that you don’t like as much. Just to emphasize the obvious once more, the articles gathered and presented on knowledge base do not reflect “Get Kaizened, Inc.” opinions about important topics in lean and kaizen industry and rather provide a comprehensive resource for readers to get familiar with different opinions and various takes from the most popular topics of kaizen, lean manufacturing and lean management.

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