The power behind Kaizen training

The power behind Kaizen training

The Kaizen training method has helped numerous people build upon their business management craft. There are many people who have actually used this method to generate a whole lot of success online. With the wide variety of people out there who hope to succeed even more with their business should consider taking Kaizen and implementing more of it into your daily life. This type of training and traditional development has always been considered as very powerful by many people. It is very good to start using this type of training, and you can easily grow tremendously once you complete the training.

Kaizen TrainingThe power behind taking Kaizen training

Did you know that this form of training has been in existence for more than several decades? Thousands of people all over Asia and the United States were able to grow their business and develop that winning attitude to grow with the help of Kaizen. The most powerful part of this training is the fact that thousands have already benefited from this, and even more people are able to do this because of being online. Kaizen also offers a wide array of training to help in different areas of your life, enabling you to achieve even more success.

Kaizen ManufacturingIt is good to outline that Kaizen can help you learn, develop, and improve your entire business mindset. With so many people who have used this training, it is possible to say that success can be achieved. You can take this training from specialized schools and programs that are beginning to use Kaizen into their development programs. Getting into a certification program to get the ultimate knowledge can be a great idea, but you must know that you can fail if you don’t get the right training. As long as Kaizen is implemented, improvement in your mindset can truly develop.

The Kaizen Philosophy: Change For The Better

What is Kaizen?
Kaizen means “change for the better” or “improvement”. It is a practice or philosophy that focuses on the continuous improvement of engineering, business management and manufacturing processes. It has been applied in different fields and business processes.

Kaizen, like Lean Manufacturing, focuses on eliminating waste during the production process by improving standard tasks and activities. It was first implemented in various Japanese businesses after World War II. It was partly influenced by American businesses and by other quality managers from other countries. It is now embraced by the global community and is being implemented in various sectors.

Kaizen PhilosophyHistory of Kaizen
After the Second World War, The American forces aided Japan in restoring their industry by sending business and manufacturing experts. Meanwhile, The CCS or Civil Communications Section, as part of the overall material, developed a management training program that taught methods of statistical control. Homer Sarasohn and Charles Protzman taught and developed the program in 1949 to 1950. For further training in statistical methods, W. Edwards Deming was recommended by Homer Sarasohn.
In 1951, Edgar McVoy brought Lowell Mellen to Japan to install the Training Within Industry Program(TWI).

The original introduction of Kaizen in Japan happened prior to Mellen’s arrival when the Economic and Scientific Studies (ESS) group showed a film featuring the TWI 3J programs – Job Methods, Job Relations and Job Instructions.

After ten years, Emperor Hirohito awarded W. Edwards Deming the 2nd Class Order Medal of the Sacred Treasure for introducing, implementing and pioneering the Kaizen in Japan.

Principles Of KaizenThe Five Main Elements of Kaizen are:
Personal Discipline
Improved morale
Suggestions for improvement
Quality circles

Kaizen is a process that happens on a daily basis. Its aim is beyond simple improvement of productivity. When done properly, Kaizen is a process that eliminates excessive hard work, reduces waste and humanizes the place of work. It a process that needs the participation of workers to reach improvement.

Proper application of Kaizen events

Every method for improving a business should be used in a proper manner to get maximum results. Kaizen event is not an exception. This method should be applied with great care and attention to make the results really productive. What types of problems need to be addressed with kaizen events should be identified and with the help of adequate planning, kaizen events can make significant improvement to a business on its lean journey.

Kaizen eventSome people make the mistake of not utilizing kaizen event because they always fear that some employees will be deprived of their real jobs for 3 to 5 days. According to these people, it will be a total wastage of time and lean will not work for them. It can be described as a wrong perception and a properly planned kaizen event will offer permanent solutions to various types of problems, instead of temporary adjustments.

Well thought out kaizen events will define the goal or problem at its best and it will document the existing state with great precision. The training aspect can always be associated with kaizen events and the development of a future state will become a reality as well. Other activities that can be associated with a well thought out kaizen event include implementation, designing a follow-up plan, presentation of the results and celebration of success.

Kaizen blitzThis particular method can be applied to solve various problems and most people will use value stream mapping to plan this process. Targeting the most deserving areas of improvement will become a reality with a quality kaizen event and this method should not be used in areas like variation/scrap reduction. A problem solving team should be formed to address these types of issues instead of using a kaizen event and proper awareness about the areas where kaizen events can be applied most effectively, will serve the purpose in the best possible manner.

Kaizen Approach – How and When to use?

Kaizen is about making small, incremental changes on continuous basis. Change is very important for any organization in order to move forward and to keep pace with the changing world. But kaizen alone cannot do anything. It is a philosophy that helps in leading towards the adoption of certain systems in an organization that will make some changes in the working and management of the organization.
Kaizen can be achieved by including the following activities in an organization’s daily routine:

- Defining the goals of an organization clearly.
- Training the employees to utilize their maximum capacity.
- Brainstorming to develop a future state.
- Involving and hearing out employees in decision making process.
- Developing plans and communicating them.
- Celebrating success together.

Definition KaizenAll these steps help in leading the organization towards continuous improvement i.e. Kaizen. Kaizen helps in solving the major issues that occur in an organization. Some of the problems that can easily be solved using Kaizen approach are related to:

- Improvement in the production system.
- Improvement in the product development processes.
- Improvement of administrative processes like procurement, order processing and other paperwork activities.
- Improvement of reliability of equipment.
- Improvement of workplace.
- Improvement of efficiency of employees.

Using techniques and systems for process improvement like 6 sigma, lean manufacturing system and 5S system, we can easily bring change in the organization thus leading to Kaizen. By understanding the situation of the organization and by implementing the right kind of method in order to change or overcome that situation will help in not only bringing a required and effective change in the organization but will also reduce wastage, improve productivity, quality of products, lower costs and above all customer satisfaction.

Kaizen 5sWith proper training and the above mentioned activities, a company can not only gain the confidence and loyalty of its workers but can also solve the existing problems and thus can lead to continuous improvement.

The benefits of doing a Kaizen event for your company

A Kaizen event is an event aimed at improving a certain area of your business. Because that cannot be done without workforce, the event involves the people working in the specific area of concern. Many business people look at this event as a shortcut to getting resounding results in their businesses.

Kaizen Event

There are many benefits associated with Kaizen event and the following are some of them.

Prolonged favorable results.
The reason why any manager will choose a Kaizen event is if there is a specific area of their business which requires attention. This area of concern is accorded special attention during the event and issues about it looked into deeply. After the event there is a need for follow up; meaning the people concerned will keep improving on what was agreed upon during the event. That makes continuous improvement a reality for the company in that specific area.

It is a method that has proved to produce quick results.
Due to the serious attention given to a Kaizen event, the results come quickly and easily. That is because all attention and focus is towards the area of concern meaning that improvement is a must. Research has shown that a Kaizen event is bound to give between 20% and 100% improvement in your company if properly conducted.

• It improves the spirits of your employees.
If a situation persists for long without proper attention being given to it by management, it makes the workers lose interest in their work. The preparation of a Kaizen event causes them to feel like the management understands them and values their concerns. Any CEO knows the importance of having a supportive team working for them. Organizing a Kaizen event in an area in your company that has been of great concern will bring your workers close to you. It will also make them to be loyal to you.

Kaizen: Fosters Company Loyalty for the Success of All

Kaizen are two Japanese terms “Kai” and “zen” meaning “change” and “good,” respectively. Literally, it means “change to become good.” This is a process that is never ending. For the Japanese, there is always something that can be done to make things better.

As a Japanese Management Concept this term means “continuous or gradual change.” A very general term but was incorporated in all aspects of management from total quality control to labor relations.

KaizenIt is grounded on three basic factors: the elimination of waste, including inefficiency; the 5s framework involving tidiness, orderliness, cleanliness, standardized change and discipline; and, standardization.

Kaizen requires the involvement of all employees and management working together towards continous change to make the company better than the best. The struggle is not to beat the best but to become the best.

Its methodology is grounded on teamwork, personal discipline, quality circles, improved morale, and suggestions for improvement.

Kaizen 5sFor each personnel in the business this means applying the 5s framework in his workstation or specific area. He is mandated to come up with suggestions for improvement on a regular basis. He must continually think of ways to make things better in his area and for the company. Even though the suggested change is small, it does not matter. As long as it will contribute to make that “change for the good” then it is acceptable. All the suggestions are submitted, shared with all and when approved is implemented immediately. There is no time wasted in further deliberations. Each change no matter how small will contribute to the betterment of the company then so be it.

The key elements of Kaizen that fosters this relationship to grow are involvement of all employees, effort, quality, communication and willingness to change.

Because of this personal involvement of being an important instrument for change in the company, all personnel feel needed and feel a sense of belonging. This fosters love and loyalty for the company. This is the secret behind the continued success of Toyota and Canon in the International Market for years.

The Major Elements of Kaizen Blitz

Kaizen Blitz is a well known improvement system that has been designed to help people in different industries achieve better results faster. It is a workshop that can be applied in multiple sectors to ensure that success is gotten within the shortest time possible. This system involves planning, training and implementation. All people in a company can participate from the head to the very low cadre of staff. There are several elements that this system is built upon. The following is a highlight on what these factors are and what Kaizen events entail.


The Kaizen blitz system is first and foremost known for its ability to deliver instant results as eluded to above. It is crafted around devising workable solutions to different problems then implementing them. The Kaizen events will ensure that the follow up is fruitful. The other major element about this system is teamwork. It takes the effort of all people for success to be realized within a short time. Another characteristic is personal discipline. The truth of the matter is that if all people in a company had excellent personal discipline, success would not be a problem. Every problem that arises would be noted and a solution tailored accordingly.

Kaizen Blitz also prides of another feature which is improved morale. This is the very essence of the workshop and kaizen events. When people are fully inspired to deliver on their tasks, the notable difference will be immediate. Another thing to mention when it comes to elements of this model is improvement in problem solving. People are empowered to come up with various suggestions that will solve particular problems. Quality and performance of any company will be boosted whether it is in their products or services. The idea is to activate a sense of change to improve every aspect of any business. Most sectors can apply this model to expect astounding results.

The 5 Main Elements of Kaizen

For any Kaizen system to be successful, whether for business or personal purposes, there are five elements that must be considered. The first element is teamwork. In the corporate or business set up, there is a need for all employees to work as a team towards the common goal of achieving the desired improvement on production. All participants must work their best for the good of their colleagues and the company. Teamwork involves sharing chores, training, timely delivery among many others.


The second element that significantly contributes to the success of the Kaizen system is personal disciple. Discipline is paramount to all types of success. The employee should have self-discipline in time management, quality assurance, material management, finances and loyalty to the company and its public. Any back fall in personal discipline will definitely affect the productivity of the employee, not to mention the negative impact it has on the other employees’ efforts.

No matter how hard the situation might be during a specific time, the employer and employees must strive to keep morale up. The employer, or the senior management, should put in place motivational strategies in their Kaizen concept such as good working conditions, merit promotions, better remuneration, and worker benefits such as paid leaves, allowances, medical care, bonuses, and loans among many others. All these give employees the security of employment as well as a sense of belonging.

Kaizen System

Giving employees the opportunity to interact with other quality circles is very vital to the success of the Kaizen system. Employees will have opportunities to share ideas, skills, technology and other relevant resources. The exchange encourages them to gauge their performance based on other companies Kaizen programs and thus try to improve.

The last element of the Kaizen system is the provision for the opportunity to air suggestions freely no matter the worker’s rank. No matter how absurd the suggestions may be, they should be welcomed, appreciated and considered at all times.