Take advantage of the TPM and see your maintenance costs go down

TPM is a short form of Total Productive Maintenance and is aimed at taking full advantage of the efficiency of equipments. It also reduces breakdowns and increases the chances of independent maintenance. It ensures that your equipments work effectively and as expected at their correct speed. Usually when you change the speed of operation of your equipment your output is compromised. Since a certain level of output must be reached, you may need to add capital to buy more equipment for you to get the expected output. TPM will help you to take advantage of your equipments and produce to the maximum.TPM TPM will help you to carry out maintenance activities that are cost effective on your equipments. For this to happen, a maintenance plan has to be put in place. TPM will ensure that there is no waste when it comes to equipment maintenance. The other thing is that it allows equipments to go through maintenance in a way that they remain available for production. This can only be successful if proper planning and organization is done prior to the maintenance. Having the history of one equipment and how it has been operating will make the process smooth. To avoid conflicts, there will be a need for the maintenance and operation departments to work together. TPM is used to bring the cost of equipment maintenance to the lowest levels possible. Careful research on maintenance history of a certain equipment will help in improving its overall functionality. It is important for the people handling equipments to be trained. If they are skilled maintaining the tools will be easy and the overall cost of maintenance will be minimal. The management should be able to listen to their staff for proper maintenance to be effected. Once the workers are sure that the management listens to them, they will share any urgent issues in good time.

TPM in Business Production

TPM or Total Production Maintenance is a type of strategy applied by companies to make use of their machines to the highest level. It is important to take care of your resources that are needed to have a successful and competitive business. Since you have a lot of competitors out there, ensuring your resources is the best way to keep your business going and be involved in a healthy competition.


The disadvantage of having a big business is that you don’t have the full exact control to it. Assigning people to different branches helps but this does not resolve the whole thing. You just don’t need to assign people but you have to make sure that these people have the right knowledge and skills to their respective posts. TPM needs at around 4-6 people, these people will be assigned to the different work areas and machines you have. This should have a very well thought idea to ensure that these people are capable enough to do the jobs they are assigned to.

Having these people doesn’t complete the whole process of TPM. It does not mean that other areas of your company do not need to cooperate in this strategic plan. You should always remember that there are components to follow for this strategy to be successful and to ensure that all wastes in the business will be well taken care of. To start, you have to make sure that leader provides great support for this group. This is important for the employees to do their job well and to adopt change positively. Having a good leader ensures that the group’s goal will be easily achieved. The leader should also possess right decision-making skills and is capable of determining problem areas of the company. Everyone should be given the proper training so that they will be working as one and for that matter they will arrive in the same goal together.