Different processes involved in creating a Lean Office

The concept of Lean office has been there for the last ten years and has been gaining gradual ground in the last five years. The main objective for creating a Lean office is to make optimum utilization of the available resources without wasting any of these precious resources. This is based on the Japanese productivity principle of Kaizen. Some people are of the assumption that Lean office is related to accomplishing things faster, which is not the case.

continuous process improvementDifferent process areas related to Lean office

1. Getting the buy in from different levels of people in the organization.

2. Making use of process mapping

3. Gathering data from the current process map

4. Designing a future state map

5. Focusing on continuous process improvement

Getting the buy in

This is the first process that happens as part of the Lean office creation. During this process, the top management and the actual work force need to be fully convinced about the consequences of implementing a Lean Office program. They have to be totally convinced in order to provide financial and whole hearted support for the program.

Process mapping

Process maps can be created to arrive at the existing information flow and the paper flow across the different divisions of the office.

Gathering data from the current process map

In this process, the group would be collecting data related to time wastage and wastage created while performing the actual work

Lean OfficeDesigning a future state map

In this process, group would be creating a future state map based on what the company should look like in the immediate future. The state map should include new waste free processes and the related information flows.

Focusing on Continuous process improvement

Once the execution of the plan put forward ion the future state maps, managements and the workforce should focus on continuous process improvement to fine tune the processes.